Check Online Scratchcards at Pink Ribbon Bingo - a small mighty bunch of instant jackpot games available to play at our Charity Bingo site!
Check Online Scratchcards at Pink Ribbon Bingo - a small mighty bunch of instant jackpot games available to play at our Charity Bingo site!

Online Scratchcards

Online Scratchcards or Instant Win Games have become increasingly attractive with players worldwide. The simple reason for this is due to the instant jackpot nature of the scratch games. Gratification gets achieved in mere seconds.

At Pink Ribbon Bingo, we have assembled a small but mighty bunch of Online Scratchcards and are continually adding to this library of games. UK Scratchcard players are a relatively mature group with exposure to scratchcards everywhere in our society. It is one of the reasons for the small amount that we currently have. We prefer quality over quantity.

We have also put in some Scratchcard FAQs to answer any queries that you might have below.

Scratchcard FAQs

How do Online Scratchcards Work?

Online Scratchcards work in precisely the same that land-based scratch cards do. The only difference is that you can probably scratch the online version faster than the paper scratch card.

Can you play scratchcards online?

The simple answer to that is yes. Along with Bingo – scratchcards are a popular game for some players. The instant jackpot game’s nature means that there is instant gratification, and that does appeal to some.

Can you check scratchcards online?

As we only have Online scratchcards, there is no checking to be done at all. You can view your scratchcard results instantly.

Do Online scratchcards work?

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses Pink Ribbon Bingo. That means all games are subject to rigorous testing before release. We are confident that the scratchcard will not only get regulated for fairness and randomness; it will also work.

Are Online Scratchcards rigged?

Our scratchcards get provided by the biggest and most reputable software companies in the world. We pointed out above that we are regulated by the UKGC. They would not allow any dodgy games to appear on a licensed bingo site. We can confidently say that none of our games, including the scratchcards, are rigged.

Why We have Instant Jackpot Games

The Pink Ribbon Bingo team encourages our players to contact us if they have any additional questions or suggestions regarding scratch cards. We are proud to be the very first Online Charity Bingo site – operating since 2010.

Our current charity partner is Against Breast Cancer, which gets funds from us each month to fight against breast cancer. It is one of the reasons for having instant jackpot games online.

In addition we offer all of the online scratch card games on our sister sites which can be located via the Sister Sites & UK Bingo link below.

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