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If you have any queries, problems or comments, there are lots of ways of getting in touch. Whatever the issue, we love to get your feedback, so that we can make your playing experience at Pink Ribbon Bingo the very, very best.

For 24 hour online support
Select the help chat room from within the game, and our staff will assist you.

Chat Games

75 Ball - Horse Race

Pick a B number (1-15); if your row across is filled first and you are the first to call, you win 1,000 lps. Example: B2- I17 - N32 - G47 - O62 or B8 - I23- N38 - G53 - O68. More than one player can have the same number but everyone with that number must call "horse race".

75 Ball - Hot Potat"o"

Bingo on B, I, N or G and win 1,000 lps. If you bingo on "O" you win 1,000 lps for every time an O is called in the first 5 calls of next game.

75 Ball - "in" to Win

Give the CM a number under the I and a number under the N. When both numbers have been called, type in "in to win" and, if you are the first, you win 1,000 lps.

75 Ball - Leap Frog

When you bingo, the last digit of the last number called determines how many spaces the lps leap. For example: bingo on # 35 and the 5th person above you wins 1,000 lps. If the last digit is zero then the first digit is used.

75 Ball - Lower Buddy

When you bingo, the player listed below you in chat wins 1,000 lps.

75 Ball - Lucky Number

Give the CM a number from 1-75. When your number is called type in lucky # and, if you're the first to call, you win 1,000 lps.

75 Ball - Poker

When you bingo, the first 5 letters called in the next game are your poker hand and determine the amount of lps you win:

1 pair is 1,000 lps.
2 pair is 2,000 lps.
3 of a kind is 3,000 lps.
4 of a kind is 4,000 lps.
Full house is 4,000 lps.
Straight is 5,000 lps.

75 Ball - Tag

When you bingo, tag a player in the room and they will receive 1,000 lps.

75 Ball - Treasure Chest

The CM has a treasure chest containing pearls, rubies or diamonds. Give the CM a number from 1-75 and you will receive what is contained in that treasure chest.

Pearls - 1,000 lps
Rubies - 2,000 lps
Diamonds - 3,000 lps
75 Ball - Upper Buddy

When you bingo, the player listed above you in chat wins 1,000 lps.

90 Ball - Bingo Trivia

Win the full house, answer the trivia question and you and a player you choose win 1,000 lps each. Winner will be asked question in private chat.

90 Ball - Find a Friend

When you win the full house, pick another player in the room and they will get 1,000 lps.

90 Ball - Half Dozen

Win full house on a multiple of 6 (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 78, 84 and 90) and win 1,000 lps.

90 Ball - Higher or Lower

The full house winner chooses whether the first number of the next game is higher or lower than the number they won on. If they guess correctly, upper and lower buddies get 1,000 lps each.

90 Ball - Kick Ball

Win on an even # and kick 1,000 lps up to upper buddy, win on odd # and kick 1000 lps down to lower buddy.

90 Ball - Nothing to Lose

Win the full house on a number ending in 0 and you and your upper and lower buddies win 1000 lps each.

90 Ball - Pot of Gold

When you bingo you are awarded the pot of gold and win 1,000 lps. When another roomie gets bingo, the pot of gold is passed to them and they win 1,000 lps. The player holding the pot of gold at the top of the hour wins 5,000 lps.

90 Ball - Seven Up

The player 7 up from the winner of a full house wins 1,000 lps.

90 Ball - Take 5

Give the CM number from 0-9. When 5 numbers are called ending in the number you choose, type in "take 5". The first 2 players to call win 1,000 lps each.

90 Ball - Three's for Me

Win full house on a number with a 3 in it, you win 1,000 lps and buddies 3 up and 3 down win 1,000 lps.

Please note you must be a funded player playing a minimum of 1 card to win lps on chat games

In 90 Ball Bingo, each game has 3 Parts - 1 Line / 2 Lines / Full House

All 3 parts are still considered as one game